Electrical Energy Discovery

 2017 EV Engine Campaign 


In the last 10 years I became interested in alternative energy technologies.

 I realized that new materials in the knowledge could be combined along with scientific findings to create types of energy production.

I began experimenting 2 years ago with very good results using a magnet motor configuration and circuit. 

The circuit provides an immediate boost to power in the prototype, hypothesized to be a standing wave in oscillation.

The prototype arrangement shows wave electromagnetic wave oscillation:


The prototype shows voltage acceleration and power generation:

The Circuit is tested at minimal power and shows a large increase in available

mechanical power:

Technology Transfer

Since these types of motors and the circuit materials are available from many manufacturers the prototype configuration is ideal for use in electric vehicles.

There is an immediate practical market. The funds will be used to incorporate and leverage the technology for applied use in products and research clean energy applications.

This is a breakthrough with wide application in electrical energy generation.


In energy product research the funding can provide more stringent test

protocols and equipment, with methodical testing and comparison.


The product technology can be licenced commercially and provide a channel for clean energy research. 

The technology can within limits be implemented openly for off grid purposes.

You can help to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon taxes to help make the world more liveable with your support!


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