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Video: Energy Generator Circuit Test 

October 30 2017 

This is a test to help resolve parameters. 

First the current limiting 6.75 watt AC to DC adapter is an alternate source of constant DC current as a control compared to the voltage regulation of the lab grade DC power supply used in the Video:


The X1 Prototype Part 1 - motor generator - Shura Energy.


The effects of power gain if using the applied LRC (Low Resistance Circuit) at the lowest level of voltage and power for the system to run is tested.



Using the AC adapter DC limited current input: 

1) Without the LRC the X1 at 6.75 watts turned very slowly with no output to a 26.9 watt resistive bulb. 

2) With LRC the X1 at 6.75 watts turned faster with torque gain and output a low voltage glow to  two 26.9 watt resistive bulbs. 

3) The results and observations show a net gain in power using the circuit 
using the same limited input of power supplied. 

These results show an increase in electro mechanical torque and power gain using the LRC.