Video: Renewable Energy Generator - voltage acceleration 

May 14 2017 

A live test and data is recorded. This configuration A 26.9 watt DC resistive bulb is used as a load. The configuration is the same as the previous video that showed an accelerative effect. This test shows the addition of a circuit that results in a  large increase in power in the dynamic system. The data is shown for the increase in power. 

The data tests the difference in power for a 26.9 resistive watt light load: 

1) without the electromechanical generator. 

2) with the electromechanical generator. 

3) with the electromechanical generator and the wave regenerative circuit. 

The test showed both the digital power supply readings and digital multi meter readings for power input independent of each other. 


There was a large increase in power with the added circuit.

There was much less than expected increase in the power input with a balanced bulb load added using the circuit.  For example an apparent 18 watt bulb load under multi meter readings showed only a 3.6 watts increase in input power using the circuit together with the power generating system.