Shura Energy



This page document outlines the goals and structure of the Shura Energy startup organization.

The primary focus is to research clean energy technology, license and market the technologies for applied distribution.


In the course of experiments in motor generator electrical there were some positive results in terms of power generating

systems and efficiencies. These results can be applied almost immediately with good economy, access and versatility.

The technology meets the target goal of zero emissions energy innovation.


Shura Energy intends to be a collaborative organization. Recent research in to clean energy shows promise in areas

such as sterling engines, LENR and plasma technology, and generating technology with physical discovery.

There are many talented people contributing in this field in collaboration clean energy technology is moving forward.

The implementation rate of energy production innovation depends directly on active involvement and scale.

 Technology Findings

  Shura Energy

 intends to form partnerships with companies and organizations on the motor generator derived engine prototype.

 Product Licensing

Shura Energy intends to have an industry standard revenue based IP structure for commercial licensing of technology. The

motor generator based technology has elements that can be readily applied therefore elements of this product IP can be 

open for non-commercial personal private application within normal personal use or off grid use limits. This structure

will enable participation and enhance innovation.


The first priorities of the start up would be to incorporate and secure IP for the process. This then enables funding

from other entities for research and would provide for initial administration cost and project development cost.