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Video: Energy Generator Circuit Test 

August 3 2017 

This is a test to help resolve parameters. 

First the current limiting 6.75 watt AC to DC adapter is an alternate source of constant DC current as a control compared to the voltage regulation of the lab grade DC power supply used in the Video: Renewable Energy Generator - voltage acceleration toward the validation of power gain effects.


The effects of power gain if using the applied circuit at the lowest level of voltage and power for the system to run is tested.



Using the AC adapter DC limited current input: 

1) A single motor alone will not run on the power input. 

2) Two 26 watt lights will glow and resonate at the low power three will barely blink.

3) The configured motor generator as a unit together will not run on the  power input. 

4) Condition with the circuit added: 

    The configured motor generator runs and is able to glow two lights and  maintain a higher than expected rotation and torque

    using the same limited DC power input of the adapter. 

5) The results and observations show a net gain in power using the circuit using the same limited input of power supplied. 

These results show an increase in electro mechanical torque.

Hypotheses might include regenerative amperage current, standing square wave, pulse oscillation and other theories of interactions within the system.  

This would be helped by research in to the measurable separation  of effects and their contributions to power generation with testing.