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Video: Acceleration Under a load 

February 26 2017 

This video explains the orientation of the permanent magnet motors.  These tool torque motors are oriented 90 degrees and accelerate under a limited constant supply of power from a lab grade DC power supply.  The cycle is opposing or 90 degrees offset at a given instant in time. 

This is the normal motor generator configuration except for the offset orientation of the motors and magnets in the motors. 

The spacing between the two motors on the coupled shaft and phase angle differential has a boosting electromagnetic force effect along the armature.

At the zero point or shaft connection there is phase polarity shift and electromagnetic interaction in a spatial field. The observable effect is acceleration beyond what would be usually seen.  That is usually angular momentum is seen for some minutes dependent on the speed and mass ratio of the motor. Acceleration beyond the normal time and range of angular momentum for a motor would indicate more power being generated. 

The importance of the brush to armature angle and electromagnetic forces in the phase shift and cycle of rotation is reviewed in the prior amplidyne videos for formative ideas, theory and hypotheses.